UX Design & UI Development

UX Design & UI Development Course Summary:

This course will cover the design, prototyping, and evaluation of user interfaces for computers. CFC Institute goal of the course is for students to learn how to design, prototype, and evaluate user interfaces using a variety of methods. In order to achieve this, students should come away with an understanding of:

  • How to study the tasks that a prospective user will need to accomplish with a software system.
  • The cognitive and perceptual constraints that affect UI design.
  • Techniques for evaluating a user interface design.
  • The importance of iterative design in producing usable software.
  • Prototyping, low-fidelity design, and implementation of initial versions of user interfaces.
  • How to work together on a team project and to communicate the results of work, both in oral and written form.

UX Design & UI Development Course Content / Syllabus :

HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript Basics, JqueryUI, Axure and User Experience Concepts

  • UX Designs
  • RIA Designs
  • Wire-frame Designing
  • Click-able prototyping
  • Browser Compatability
  • Types of Layouts
  • HTML using Divs
  • Image Sprites

CFC Institute Advantage:

  • Real-Time experienced Faculty
  • Job oriented, Industry relevant curriculum
  • Conceptual training methodology
  • Project/Lab based training
  • 100% Job assistance

Career Options:

  • Software Development Companies
  • Web design studios
  • Website development studios
  • Website or portal development studios
  • Mobile App Development Companies
  • Freelancing (Work from home)