Academics Projects

Academic Projects

Since CFC Institute’s establishment in the year 2013, we provide academic projects like mini-projects, major-projects for students from all educational backgrounds like M-tech, B-tech, and MCA. Our main focus is to take each and every student through the complete lifecycle of the project development and understanding the best practices of the industry standards. Academic Projects gives an opportunity to the M-tech, B-tech and M.C.A students across the country, to get involved in many long-term as well as short-term projects within the campus.

CFC Institute is not only providing academic projects but also have a subsidiary software development center to develop real time projects based on the student requirements and feasibility. CFC Institute is supporting several real time projects that help various individuals add value to their resumes and an
nual sheets.

Project-based learning is an instructional model that involves students in investigations of Real time problems and risks while developing the projects. Projects that make for stronger Classroom learning opportunities can vary widely in subject matter and scope, and can be delivered at a wide range of class levels. Projects serve specific, significant educational goals; they are not diversions or add-on to the “real” curriculum.

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