Passionate for Teaching


Our classes are taught by people passionate and knowledgeable people all aspects of the courses and eager to share their knowledge. CFC Institute classes feature excellent instructors, small class sizes, state of the art facilities and real world, hands-on exercises. Our classes will continue to reinforce the fact that our classes can truly enrich your life.

If you have any questions about whether a class is right for you please call us +91-8268099099 or email

Course Title

Start Date



Web Designing 1 Sep 2018 45 Hrs 9 AM to 10 AM
Digital Marketing A 1 Sep 2018 60 Hrs 9 AM to 10 AM
Digital Marketing B 1 Sep 2018 60 Hrs 9 AM to 10 AM
Software Testing  Call Us 60 Hrs 9 AM to 10 AM

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