Classroom Training

Classroom Training

CFC Institute is the leader in delivering quality training to students in a classroom setting. Our classroom learning delivery method blends instructor lecture, demonstration, hands-on practice and online resources to provide a dynamic and interactive classroom experience to our students.

As the India’s largest independent IT training institution, we offer more courses at more times and in more locations than any other computer training company. Businesses and individuals can choose from hundreds of technical training, desktop application, and business skills courses in our learning center.

Classroom Resources

As the foundation of our integrated learning approach, the classroom experience has become more enriching, dynamic, and valuable for our students. Our traditional classroom delivery method – instructor lecture and demonstration, followed by student practice through hands-on exercise – has been enhanced to include Web-based resources during and after class. Classroom Learning students have access to their own networked environment, which enables instructors to manage hands-on lab demonstrations and exercises that mirror the professional environment.

As the Classroom Learning experience evolves to include Web-based resources, CFC Institute continues to provide valuable learning tools that create the finest and most rewarding environment possible for our students. Students have access to the online course through Online ANYTIME that complements the live class to help reinforce learning.


CFC Institute employs the most experienced and qualified instructors in the industry. All of our instructors are certified in their respective subjects and bring years of industry experience to the classroom. Their real-world experience allows them to provide relevant and specific examples to help their students relate to the lecture and retain more information. According to over 1.4 million student evaluations, CFC Institute consistently outperforms benchmark peer IT training in instructor performance, course ware quality and facility satisfaction.</h1><h1> online marketing in belgaum</h1><h2>social media marketing in belgaum</h2><h2>seo company in belgaum</h2><h3>email marketing in belgaum</h3><h3>Digital marketing course in belgaum</h3><h4>Search engine marketing course in belgaum</h4><h4>Digital marketing program in goa</h4><h5>Google certificate in digital marketing in belgaum</h5><h5>Online Digital marketing course in belgaum</h5><h6>search engine optimization in belgaum</h6><h6>web analytics in belgaum</h6>