Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

The effect of the internet and related technologies is more profound than any other revolutions in the modern era. The world is going digital, so is the marketing. The digital landscape is changing the way we do advertising & marketing. It has opened new opportunities as well as challenges to marketers.

Till Dec 2016 More then 15,00,000 Jobs are available in india.

As per the various reports the online advertising market in India is expected to touch Rs 6,575 crore by March 2017. Which is almost a 30 percent increase in market size as compared to March 2015.

In the current digital advertisement market, the search and the display feature contribute the most. The search advertisements constitute almost 38 per cent of the total advertisement spends followed by display advertisement at 29 per cent. In fact the Internet’s share in total advertising revenue is anticipated to grow two folds from 8 percent in 2014 to 16 per cent in 2018.<h1>digital marketing in belgaum</h1><h1> online marketing in belgaum</h1><h2>social media marketing in belgaum</h2><h2>seo company in belgaum</h2><h3>email marketing in belgaum</h3><h3>Digital marketing course in belgaum</h3><h4>Search engine marketing course in belgaum</h4><h4>Digital marketing program in goa</h4><h5>Google certificate in digital marketing in belgaum</h5><h5>Online Digital marketing course in belgaum</h5><h6>search engine optimization in belgaum</h6><h6>web analytics in belgaum</h6>

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